Viktor / the man behind the camera

Viktor is a photography self-made man. Not willing to break out of the typical sentiment of photographer's bio,  as a kid he inherited a broken Praktica camera and a 50mm lens from his father. True story, not kidding. But that practically ended his father's involvement and the rest of photography skills he had to learn himself. He studied too many books, admired famous photographers but never attended any photography class. He has always believed that you should first try yourself and only if you fail several times and still struggle, only then it's time to consult others.

During this roller coaster path, Viktor explored several styles, not able and maybe even not willing to settle down with just one niche. Over the years, he had been thus shooting landscape photography, portrait photography, sport photography,  street photography and maybe even underground mine photography. In 2012 he become a professional, focused on portraits and family photography.

This experience tough him that the basics rules and principles of photography are always the same, irrespective of the topic. He believes that a photographer should be able to shoot landscape one day and fashion portrait the other. After realizing this enlightening knowledge, Viktor happily sold most if his photo gear and settled down to shooting landscapes during his exploration travels and architecture, starting to operate under neokinet brand.

Willing to share his experience and travel adventures, Viktor practically abandoned the portraiture in 2015 and now focuses only on the neokinet photography blog. In January 2016, he completely reconstructed the neokinet web and gave the travel blog a fresh start…

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I operate worldwide, with home base in Czech Republic (EU).