Apple introduced new mirrorless camera: iPhone 7

The world of photography is gonna shift again, as Apple introduced on September 7th their new mirrorless camera. You may think it was actually a new mobile phone, but do not be mistaken!

The best camera you have is the one you carry with you. Old true, as only if you can capture the scene in front of you, you can share that unique moment with others or keep it as precious memory. And whoeverwas the guy who put the camera into a mobile phone, he certainly gave us this opportunity.

 My iPhone 6 with Joby GripTight Micro Stand

My iPhone 6 with Joby GripTight Micro Stand

In recent days, I carry my heavy DSLR only for serious work or for long travels. I surprised myself by realizing, that more and more often I use also my iPhone for casual shots - so my phone and DSLR work in nice tandem. For city walks or one-day trips, I stopped carrying the DSLR camera and take now just my iPhone. The picture quality is very good and with apps like Snapseed from Google or PS Express from Adobe I can post process the images before posting on Instagram or Facebook.



Nonetheless, I confess I am obsessed by photo quality and was intrigued by the booming mirrorless cameras. Not anymore. I think the APS-C mirrorless cameras and what remained from compact cameras is now dead after September 7th...

Just look at the new iPhone 7 camera specification:

  • 12MPX sensor
  • optical image stabilization
  • f/1.8 lens (!)
  • 2x optical zoom (Plus)
  • built-in telephoto lens with f/2.8 (Plus)

This is something to compare with a camera, not a phone! And just think how much you would pay for f/1.8 lens on another camera. Then add the capability to shoot in RAW and thus the whole new world of editing capabilities. All that packed in just one device you always carry with you...

Well, for sure I will always keep my beloved full frame DSLR for high resolution photos, but this one is a killer proposition. The iPhones are extremely popular and other manufactures sooner or later follow the trends set by Apple. So over a year, we should see more devices like that, designed to compete with conventional cameras. Nikon , Canon and Sony - watch out! They are ready to take over some of your playground...