Travel memories on the wall: large-scale wall prints

What you do with all those photos you capture during your travels? At my last trip to Sri Lanka, I took 4 800 photos. Some I posted on Instagram or Facebook. Some I used here in couple of my blogs. Some I put into a slideshow I share with friends. Basically, they rest quite nicely somewhere - and it takes effort to see them. But sometimes I want to be reminded of a certain moment every day, just sitting in my living room. Sometimes it’s time to choose just one photograph and put it on the wall…

Large scale photo prints

The photographs are nowadays bunch of digital data. You may look at them on your laptop, you may share them in an instant. Nonetheless, I like the idea to transform a photograph from the virtual world into a real-life object, something you can actually touch. Photography used to be like that. And with photobooks or wall prints, it can be again.

For my latest wall print I used the guys from Saal Digital. They are based in Germany, but shall deliver across Europe (I ordered via their local site

The order: simple, easy and pro-grade

To place the order, you can download a special program from Saal Digital (both PC and Mac). Myself, as a matter of personal principle, do not like to install programs I use just occasionally. So I opted for the direct upload via the web interface. Simple, fast and easy: I was just asked to choose the material, size, mounting options and uploaded the photo.

Just be sure to upload JPEG at the best quality, the web interface doesn’t allow TIFF. Not sure about the software. Also, these guys are pros: they won’t change your photo’s colours, resulting in unwanted shifts. The ICC profiles are available on their web, so you can check how the prints will look. I used some other companies for my prints before – and this is nice touch, not common everywhere!

Superfast delivery & inpatient unboxing

Ok, they got me. The delivery was so fast, it actually caught me by surprise, when I was out for couple of days. Fortunately, I have a very helpful neighbour for these cases J

The print arrived in a flat package, protected by hard insert. The print was wrapped so carefully, it actually took me more time to unwrap all the plastic than to take that photo on the Sri Lanka beach. The Germans: they do the things properly… J

Once digged out from something that may have been two rolls of plastic, the print was stunning at the first sight. The photo is crisp, sharp and colours match nicely. The overall quality is superb, including the cleanly cut Alu-Dibond plate.

I put the print on a special shelf in my living room; it looks exquisite and fits the other prints there nicely. So now I can rise my eyes anytime I sit on the sofa and remind myself of the unique moment I experienced far away from the home…

About the photo: The Moon rise over a deserted beach in Sri Lanka

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  Sri Lanka | Nikon D800 + Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 | 2sec, f/16, ISO 50

Sri Lanka | Nikon D800 + Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 | 2sec, f/16, ISO 50

When travelling the Sri Lanka’s east coast, we were taken by the beauty of this spot and the peace there. We found this tranquil scene during one of the evenings walks along the endless beach. I decided to take a photo of the abandoned fisherman’s boat and just when setting the tripod, I realized the Moon is rising over the sea. I think the scene would have been great even without that, but the rising Moon makes it even better. Even though most people usually think it’s a setting sun…